About Us

Making a difference in your community.

Established and directed by the clinical staff of the Surgery Group of Los Angeles, the Surgery Group of Los Angeles Research Foundation supports the education and research endeavors of group physicians. Activities supported by the Foundation help our patients, and other patients both regionally and globally. Through the Foundation, The Surgery Group of Los Angeles seeks to evolve, innovate and remain at the forefront of patient care. The Foundation sponsors a focused medical education program, a multi-faceted research effort and outreach activities to improve community health.


The foundation supports relevant, impactful and cutting-edge research conducted by members of the Surgery Group of Los Angeles. The research is focused on developing new treatment and technological approaches to the management of benign and malignant diseases. Our research is primarily outcomes-based, allowing us to introduce and test new treatment modalities and algorithms. We evaluate safe and efficacious management plans in addition to pharmaceutical and technical advances in order to achieve ideal patient care. We advance evidence-based literature by conducting retrospective and prospective research projects in coordination with a talented multi-disciplinary team.


The foundation sponsors education and training rotations, clerkships and observerships for post-residency fellows, residents, medical students, college and high school students interested in careers in medicine. Students from across the country as well as international students benefit from the enriching educational and clinical experience they receive at Surgery Group of Los Angeles. We aspire to instill passion, awareness, and useful clinical tools to trainees considering or actively pursuing a future in medicine and surgery.


It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our foundation is reaching out to as many communities as it can. We are fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

Dr. Jason Cohen, MD, FACS

Joshua D.I. Ellenhorn, M.D.

Yosef Nasseri, M.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Arena, M.D.

Dr. Leo A. Gordon, M.D.

Dr. Moshe Barnajian