Current Studies


Treatment of fistula-in-ano in the setting of Crohn’s disease is challenging. Given limited treatment option, surgeons have used anal fistula plug. Nevertheless, data regarding its efficacy is lacking.

Objective: To review, consolidate, and analyze the findings of studies investigating the efficacy of anal fistula plugs (AFPs) in treating Crohn’s anal fistula.

Data Sources: A literature review was conducted via PUBMED, EMBASE, MEDLINE, SCOPUS and COCHRANE LIBRARY for the period 1995-2014.

Study Selection: Articles were selected if the studies included AFP in treatment of fistula-in-ano in Crohn’s patients. Randomized/non-randomized, controlled/uncontrolled clinical trials, prospective observational studies and retrospective case studies were included. Abstracts, case reports, letters, comments, conference proceedings and non-English language studies were excluded.

Intervention(s): Anal fistula plug insertion was performed.Main Outcome Measures: The primary outcome measured was clinical healing of the fistula.